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Re: Improving the doc on configuring editors on Windows



On Thursday 26 November 2009 04:43:09 DeeJay wrote:
> I confirm that the version of qconfig shipped with qbzr v0.16.0 has a
> 'Browse' button next to the Editor window, and that on WinXP this
> correctly configures a path to the chosen editor, and that the result
> is, as expected, that subsequently selecting Edit under the working
> tree view fires up that editor on the selected file.
> Evidence attached, but the visual styling is different to the rest of
> the tour, so you probably don't want to include it as-is.

I wanted to ask you if you would be prepared to make another version of the 
image that you have sent to this list.  It would be a great help.  

I kind of showed my interest in this bug report more or less from the knee-
jerk reaction.  Actually, it would involve me in a number of steps:

* fire-up the Windows XP that I have not done for some years.
* Install under Win XP  bzr-explorer  and bzr as well as qbzr.
* Adjust my screen settings to match the colours of the existing image.
* Find somewhere a tool to take screen images (I probably still have it).
* Run bzr-explorer and try to use  Notepad [1]

[1] Why Notepad?  Because it is available on most (or all?) Win XP 
installations and is considered a "standard" tool.  Some unknown Win text 
editing client may behave differently to my or yours favourite client.  Also, I 
think I saw Notepad mentioned somewhere in the documentation for bzr-explorer.

The original image was about 630 x 450 pixels, so the new image would need to 
be of similar size.

If you were good enough to take the image and send it to me, it would be 
greatly appreciated and would save me a fair bit of painful work, outlined in 
the above list.  Just one small, but important point - if you agree, would you 
mind sending the image to me direct and off the list, so that people on the 
list are not forced to unnecessary downloads, please.

I would be more than happy to acknowledge your contribution and equally happy 
to pass on the whole bug report handling, if that is what you would prefer.

Thank you again for timely advice about the behaviour of bzr-explorer on Win 


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