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Is this a bug?


I think the following event should be reported as a *suspected* bug. But it 
could be my own bug of setting up "a/c" on launchpad, doing something other 
that is too "clever" for my boots.

I read the Giving Back  http://bazaar-vcs.org/BzrGivingBack and following 
somewhat modified path, as all my data is on a separate partition, mounted on 
/dat. (I usually have several linux distros operative on my PC). These are the 
steps that I eventually took:

$ dc /dat
$ bzr init-repo ./bzr
$ cd bzr
$ bzr branch lp:bzr bzr.dev

First time I tried, stopped at bzr "branch lp:bzr bzr.dev" with a lengthy 
error message:

 ak@primo:/dat/bzr$ bzr branch lp:bzr bzr.dev
 bzr: ERROR: Server sent an unexpected error: 
 ('error', '<Fault -1: "Unexpected Zope exception: TimeoutError:
 \'SELECT Person.account, Person.addressline1, Person.addressline2,
 Person.city, Person.country, Person.creation_comment,
 Person.creation_rationale, Person.datecreated,
 Person.defaultmembershipperiod, Person.defaultrenewalperiod,
 Person.displayname, Person.hide_email_addresses,
 Person.homepage_content, Person.icon, Person.id, Person.logo,
 Person.mailing_list_auto_subscribe_policy, Person.merged,
 Person.mugshot, Person.name, Person.organization,
 Person.personal_standing, Person.personal_standing_reason,
 Person.phone, Person.postcode, Person.province, Person.registrant,
 Person.renewal_policy, Person.subscriptionpolicy,
 Person.teamdescription, Person.teamowner,
 Person.visibility FROM Person WHERE Person.account =
 %s ORDER BY person_sort_key(Person.displayname, Person.name)\',
 [<storm.variables.IntVariable object at 0x876b230>]">')

The user-name is ak and the "box" is named "primo". After being so rudely 
thrown off, I feared that I might be suspended for verbosity.  So I logged on 
to launchpad to "my" page, then tried exactly the same bzr branch command - 
and it worked.  So I was not suspended  :)

To me this looks like a launchpad error.  If I was a launchpad programmer or 
organiser, I would want to know all aberations encountered.  However, others 
may feel it better to just forget the incident.

What do you think I should do, if anything?


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