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Start on a System Administrator's Guide: lp:~nmb/bzr/admin-guide



This weekend I started work on a system administrator's guide, inspired by a couple of questions on IRC, the emacs/savannah situation and my own experience installing Launchpad. As Bazaar is gaining much greater acceptance and being more widely adopted, more administrators will be tasked with installing and maintaining Bazaar and its relatives.

Check out what I have at lp:~nmb/bzr/admin-guide in doc/en/admin-guide/index.txt. (Thanks to Ian C. for the skeleton structure.) It's not ready for a merge proposal yet, but the more eyes on it now the better. I'll take suggestions and push them to that branch, or if you truly want to support the Bazaar-way, then you can branch lp:~nmb/bzr/admin-guide, make your own changes, push them to Launchpad and file a merge proposal against lp:~nmb/bzr/admin-guide.

If no one notices any egregious errors, I'll try to get this ready for merging to trunk in a week or two. Any volunteers to complete the remaining sections on Security, PQM, Backups, Upgrades, etc. would be most welcome. Before you say you're not qualified, remember that improving on a completely empty document is fairly easy!


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