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the branching thing


Hi Bzr-doc List,

I've used bazaar now for a while - I'm not a programmer so my usage is
mostly keeping track of some batch files and /etc/* and I'm not familiar
with a typical code colaboration work flow.

By now I've read quite a few pages in
http://doc.bazaar-vcs.org/bzr.dev/en/user-guide but I could not figure
out how I get started with having branches etc.

My current challenge is that I've got a .htaccess file, sort of my
Now I want to branch the htaccess file for multiple domains with small
If I have a change which will affect all branches I do the modification
in trunk and pull in the branches. Thats what I think I need to do - but
how exactly.

I would love to see an example work flow for various bzr commands. Pull
and commit are probably covered in the help already.

I hope this is what belongs into this list :-)

Cheers Sebastian

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