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Re: It's time to plan the 2.1 Windows installer feature set


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> From: INADA Naoki
> Sent: 13 January 2010 11:06
> Subject: Re: [Bzr-windows] It's time to plan the 2.1 Windows installer
feature set
> > 1. Move to Python 2.6 or stick with 2.5?
> I'd like to move Python 2.6, too.
> If we decide to move Python 2.6, we need to version up PyQt too.
> Now PyQt 4.6 and PyQt 4.7rc2 on RiverBank.
> I think PyQt 4.7rc2 is better because PyQt 4.6 contains non-release
version of Qt 4.6 and PyQt > 4.7 will be released very soon.

Since bzr 2.1 is supposed to be a stable release that will be supported
for at least 6 - 12 months I wouldn't recommend installing the release
candidate of a library. Much better to stick with known, stable code and
move to the new versions in the following beta so we get 6 months to
iron out any problems.

> And I think we should deploy VC++ redistributable package too.

Are there really any Windows devs who don't have this installed already?
A lot of stuff gets bundled in the bzr Windows installer and I'd rather
not see the download size go up if it's not vital.


Dave Murray
Glasgow, Scotland

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