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Re: Windows x64 Installer


On Sat, Oct 16, 2010 at 3:14 PM, Maritza Mendez <martitzam@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> *Success!*
> I have built bzr for Windows x64.
> Thanks to Gary, Martin, John and more for your encouragement and help!
> Here's the output of python .\bzr version:
> Bazaar (bzr) 2.3.0dev3
>   from bzr checkout C:/Users/martitzam/Desktop/sandbox/bzr/trunk
>     revision: 5504
>     revid: pqm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx-20101015164148-k10lo687r72nzbtl
>     branch nick: trunk
>   Python interpreter: C:\Python27\python.exe 2.7.0
>   Python standard library: C:\Python27\lib
>   Platform: Windows-7-6.1.7600
>   bzrlib: c:\Users\martitzam\Desktop\sandbox\bzr\trunk\bzrlib
>   Bazaar configuration: C:\Users\martitzam\AppData\Roaming\bazaar\2.0
>   Bazaar log file: C:\Users\martitzam\Documents\.bzr.log
> Copyright 2005-2010 Canonical Ltd.
> http://bazaar.canonical.com/
> bzr comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.  bzr is free software, and
> you may use, modify and redistribute it under the terms of the GNU
> General Public License version 2 or later.
> Bazaar is part of the GNU Project to produce a free operating system.
> Build platform: Windows 7 x64 with Visual Studio 2008 64-bit compiler only
> Python is 2.7 x64 (python-2.7.amd64.msi from python.org)
> I did not patch pycrypto, because I could not get John's patch to go in
> cleanly.  Probably me, but when in doubt leave alone.
> Note that to build C extensions, I had to put
> [build_ext]
> include-dirs = C:\Users\martitzam\Desktop\sandbox\bzr\trunk\bzrlib
> in setup.cfg in "trunk".  I prefer this over distutils.cfg for obvious
> reasons.
> As you would expect, there are quite a few more warnings emitted by the
> 64-bit build than by the 32-bit build of the extensions.  Mostly "possible
> loss of data" which is almost always mostly harmless unless you're relying
> on modulo 2^32 arithmetic.
> I just started running the testsuite 1600/25000 so far with only 3
> failures.  Will check on it if I get any downtime while I'm on business
> travel this week.
> I have not packaged the build.  I am vaguely familiar with InnoSetup, but
> the instructions in win32_build_setup.txt seem incomplete.  I need to study
> that more.
> I have not tested the build against the 2GB memory limit yet.  That will
> have to wait until I'm back.
> ~M
> I forgot to mention that I did not build tbzr.  (The shell integration has
improved in the last year but still slows our machines with numerous, deep
repos to a crawl.  We prefer bzr-explorer.  It can be slow, too, but usually
fast and we get to decide when to take the hit.)  All I did was build the
bzr C extensions for x64 and verify that the result works against 64-bit
python 2.7.

Looks like I got 9 or 10 failures from selftest, some of them surely because
the machine is not running an sshd.  Lots of hanging threads... need to look
at that when I get back.  Also, if anyone knows of an sshd implementation
for Windows which is *actively maintained* and *does not require Cygwin*, I
would love to know about it.