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Re: Need help building cloud-init source package


On Fri, 13 Jul 2012, jvlcek wrote:

> I'm having trouble building a test/source package for cloud-init.
> I am new to Ubuntu/Debian so perhaps I am just missing something.
> What I am using for reference is the URL below along the links it points to:
> http://developer.ubuntu.com/packaging/html/index.html
> What I have done is:
>     % bzr init-repo cloud-init
>     % bzr branch lp:cloud-init trunk.dist
>     % bzr branch trunk.dist local-dev-altcloud
>     % cd local-dev-altcloud
> When I then attempt to build a test/source package
> I get failures:
>     % bzr builddeb -- -S -us -uc
> Building using working tree
> bzr: ERROR: Could not find changelog at
> /home/guest/GIT/local-dev-altcloud/debian/changelog in tree.

If what you actually want is a debuild source, then I just uploaded a way
to make get one.

  $ packages/bddeb -S -us -uc
  Wrote 'cloud-init_0.7.0~bzr606.orig.tar.gz'
  Wrote 'cloud-init_0.7.0~bzr606-1.diff.gz'
  Wrote 'cloud-init_0.7.0~bzr606-1_source.build'
  Wrote 'cloud-init_0.7.0~bzr606-1.dsc'
  Linked 'cloud-init_0.7.0~bzr606-1.dsc' to 'cloud-init.dsc'
  Wrote 'cloud-init_0.7.0~bzr606-1_source.changes'

If what you wanted was an "upstream source tarball" snapshot, just run:

We will have an official 0.7.0 release sometime in the near future.  Until
then, in ubuntu, I'm just grabbing upstream snapshots for 12.10