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Re: Need help building cloud-init source package


On Mon, 16 Jul 2012, jvlcek wrote:

> > We will have an official 0.7.0 release sometime in the near future.  Until
> > then, in ubuntu, I'm just grabbing upstream snapshots for 12.10
> > development.
> Scott,
> Thank you for the reply. Perhaps I'm confused.
> What I want to do is make a package of cloud-init bits, including my
> changes, and install that package on a system to test my changes.
> With Fedora I use rpmbuild to do just this.
> I checkout the latest source add my modifications, run rpmbuild to create an
> RPM package, scp that package to my test system and install it. Now my test
> system is running the new package with my changes.

Right.  for cloud-init trunk, what you want is just to do:
 * get the dependencies you need with:
   apt-get build-dep cloud-init
 * build the deb:
   make deb
   ./packages/bddeb -us -uc
 * scp cloud_init.deb myhostfoo:~/
 * ssh myhostfoo sudo dpkg -i cloud_init.deb

The bddeb script links cloud_init.deb to the filename with the current bzr
revision  number in it that it just built.

Ie, you dont really need a source package to accomplish that.  A source
package would be like an srpm.

Note, the '-us -uc' is not necessary but otherwise it will prompt you to
sign the package, which you likely don't care about.