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Re: [Merge] ~harlowja/cloud-init:scm-version into cloud-init:master


I guess the only thing that I can think about that makes using these tools useful is that they can provide a consistent way of getting that version (instead of yet another one-off way of getting it); pbr also has the nice ability to generate a debian version string and a redhat version string, which are quite useful when actually creating a package.

For example:

$ python setup.py rpm_version
running rpm_version
[pbr] Extracting rpm version

Not quite sure where the pbr output for deb_version is (thought it had this, ha).

That's usually the next question, ok, now that we have a version string crap here, well now I need a debian version of that string and I need a redhat version of that string.
Your team cloud init development team is requested to review the proposed merge of ~harlowja/cloud-init:scm-version into cloud-init:master.