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Re: [Merge] ~harlowja/cloud-init:scm-version into cloud-init:master


So In my head, here are the things that i need to cover:

a.) export of release tarball
b.) export of snapshot tarball
c.) upstream package build (./packages/brpm and ./package/bddeb)
    this basically does a export of a snapshot tarball and then build with local packaging.

d.) smoser upload to ubuntu of snapshot supporting build on 14.04+
    smoser does 'export of snapshot tarball'
    smoser adds a debian/changelog entry (which requires a debian sufficient version)

e.) i really would like for cloud-init runtime to show the "upstream version" in its greeting (the hole thing, not just 0.7.7).

In bzr, i would do http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~smoser/ubuntu/xenial/cloud-init/pkg/view/head:/debian/new-upstream-snapshot and it would handle it all.

The key things this all means i think are
1.) I don't want to require some new pip installed version of a package in order to build a tarball (i want to be able to do that on 14.04)
2.) there is an 'upstream' version that is basically then translated to debian and rpm versions.  
3.) i don't want / can't have some new version of pbr installed in 14.04 on official build systems.
4.) i definitely can't pick up a runtime dependency to simply translate 
    0.7.6-1023-g72d6adc to 0.7.6+1023-g72d6adc


Your team cloud init development team is requested to review the proposed merge of ~harlowja/cloud-init:scm-version into cloud-init:master.