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Re: [Merge] ~powersj/cloud-init:fix-integration-snappy into cloud-init:master


We could have a version-based check, however the version that breaks this, 2.26, is in proposed and about to migrate to all supported releases at any day. I certainly expect this to be fixed unless someone tells me that what we are doing (e.g. running snapd in a container) isn't allowed.

My original intent with the test was to confirm that "system_snappy: auto" works by setting up and install snapd on the target system and using 'snap --version' seemed like the best method to confirm that is installed. However, this bug has shown that the output of --version changes based on whether snapd is even running.

Your team cloud-init commiters is requested to review the proposed merge of ~powersj/cloud-init:fix-integration-snappy into cloud-init:master.