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[Merge] ~chad.smith/cloud-init:unittests-in-cloudinit-package into cloud-init:master


The proposal to merge ~chad.smith/cloud-init:unittests-in-cloudinit-package into cloud-init:master has been updated.

Commit Message changed to:

cloudinit.net: add initialize_network_device function and tests

This is not yet called, but will be called in a subsequent Ec2-related branch to manually initialize a network interface with the responses using dhcp discovery without any dhcp-script side-effects. The functionality has been tested on Ec2 ubuntu and CentOS vms to ensure that network interface initialization works in both OS-types.

Since there was poor unit test coverage for the cloudinit.net.__init__ module, this branch adds a bunch of coverage to the functions in cloudinit.net.__init. We can also now have unit tests local to the cloudinit modules. The benefits of having unittests under cloudinit module:
 - Proximity of unittest to cloudinit module makes it easier for ongoing devs to know where to augment unit tests. The tests.unittest directory is organizated such that it
 - Allows for 1 to 1 name mapping module -> tests/test_module.py
 - Improved test and module isolation, if we find unit tests have to import from a number of modules besides the module under test, it will better prompt resturcturing of the module.

This also branch touches:
 - tox.ini to run unit tests found in cloudinit as well as include all test-requirements for pylint since we now have unit tests living within cloudinit package
 - setup.py to exclude any test modules under cloudinit when packaging

For more details, see:
Your team cloud-init commiters is requested to review the proposed merge of ~chad.smith/cloud-init:unittests-in-cloudinit-package into cloud-init:master.