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Re: [Merge] ~raharper/cloud-init:feature/cloudinit-clean-from-write-log into cloud-init:master


For (a), I suggest maybe writing exactly one write for every write?
Why do you need a log of files' you've written?  Should we have a separate log for:
 - files opened?
 - files checked for existence?
 - commands run?
 - log files written?

What is motivating you to have this list of files that cloud-init wrote?  Realize that in regard to usefulness, it will likely be incomplete.  For example, /var/log/cloud-init-output.log won't be in there, and neither would files written by commands cloud-init executes.

We already have a log file which I find to be way too verbose, and a "reporting" mechanism.  Do we really need more logging?

I suspect that you're after something here, but what?
Your team cloud-init Commiters is requested to review the proposed merge of ~raharper/cloud-init:feature/cloudinit-clean-from-write-log into cloud-init:master.