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Re: Cloud-init not installing rpms (CentOS 6.5)


On 2014-03-28 23:44, Scott Moser wrote:
Right.  You have to specify the whole list in cloud-config mode.
Note, you don't have to "inject" that file, you could just have well have put that cloud_config_modules portion inside cloud-config where you were
putting your 'runcmd'.

Thanks Scott.  Added it to the #cloud-config userdata directly,
and it's working fine.  All good there. :)

Also, if for some things, you could use the json patch mode
("#cloud-config-jsonp"). Its even worse documented than other parts of
cloud-init.   But essentially, if you have multi-part input, you can
modify the configuration via json-patch notation

Not sure what multi-part input would be used for.
Guessing it's due to my headspace atm being "Rackspace
config drive userdata approach". :)

You were right, this module requires the packaging to give some indication that a reboot is necessary. (ie, create /var/run/reboot-required). I'm
not sure if rhel/centos has anything like this or not.

Doesn't seem to.  General indication is that doing a compare
of the running kernel version (uname) vs the latest installed
could do the trick.  Doesn't sound very reliable though, so
there's probably a better way.  I'll ask. :)

+ Justin

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