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cloud-init 0.7.6 released


Hello all,

I released 0.7.6 of cloud-init today.
Source tarball is available for download from

Thanks to all that contributed.

Cloud-init 0.7.6 contains bug fixes and improvements including:
 - much improved freebsd support, including support for OpenStack
 - jinja2 as templating engine, dropping requirement on cheetah
 - systemd improvements
 - fixes for consumption of vendor-data on OpenStack.

The full change log is below.

 - Enable vendordata on CloudSigma datasource (LP: #1303986)
 - Poll on /dev/ttyS1 in CloudSigma datasource only if dmidecode says
   we're running on cloudsigma (LP: #1316475) [Kiril Vladimiroff]
 - SmartOS test: do not require existance of /dev/ttyS1. [LP: #1316597]
 - doc: fix user-groups doc to reference plural ssh-authorized-keys
   (LP: #1327065) [Joern Heissler]
 - fix 'make test' in python 2.6
 - support jinja2 as a templating engine. Drop the hard requirement on
   cheetah. This helps in python3 effort. (LP: #1219223)
 - change install path for systemd files to /lib/systemd/system
   [Dimitri John Ledkov]
 - change trunk debian packaging to use pybuild and drop cdbs.
   [Dimitri John Ledkov]
 - SeLinuxGuard: remove invalid check that looked for stat.st_mode in
 - do not write comments in /etc/timezone (LP: #1341710)
 - ubuntu: provide 'ubuntu-init-switch' module to aid in systemd testing.
 - status/result json: remove 'end' entry which was always null
 - systemd: make cloud-init block ssh service startup to guarantee keys
   are generated. [Jordan Evans] (LP: #1333920)
 - default settings: fix typo resulting in OpenStack and GCE not working
   unless config explicitly provided (LP: #1329583) [Garrett Holmstrom])
 - fix rendering resolv.conf if no 'options' are provided (LP: #1328953)
 - docs: fix disk-setup to reference 'table_type' [Rail Aliiev] (LP:
 - ssh_authkey_fingerprints: fix bug that prevented disabling the module.
   (LP: #1340903) [Patrick Lucas]
 - no longer use pylint as a checker, fix pep8 [Jay Faulkner].
 - Openstack: do not load some urls twice.
 - FreeBsd: fix initscripts and add working config file [Harm Weites]
 - Datasource: fix broken logic to provide hostname if datasource does not
   provide one
 - Improved and less verbose logging.
 - resizefs: first check that device is writable.
 - configdrive: fix reading of vendor data to be like metadata service
   reader.  [Jay Faulkner]
 - resizefs: fix broken background resizing [Jay Faulkner] (LP: #1338614)
 - cc_grub_dpkg: fix EC2 hvm instances to avoid prompt on grub update.
   (LP: #1336855)
 - FreeBsd: support config drive datasource [Joseph bajin]
 - cc_mounts: support creating a swap file