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Discussion: imho and you are the expert/experienced users/advocates


As an aside - I want to be blunt about my goals - but also about how I do not want to go about achieving them.

The first goal is to have a port of cloud-init for AIX. There is one already, and generally speaking - it works. But the way it was created makes it a dead-end in terms of this active project.

Initially I started by just doing a diff of the base to current port was based on and the aix-port as well as a diff of the then and current port - and try and apply (aka merge) the differences into the current branches.

a) did not work - but did give me several .reject files so I had an idea on where to look, and I started "manually" making changes to merge the code from the prior port into the current branch. Slow, but a clear path. However, I feared it would also be "dead-end" - not really acceptable to main stream - and clearly ugly - imho.

b) new goal: try to understand more about cloud-init and look for a more architected solution (pretty word, hope I do it justice). But, more simply, to get in the mindset of cloud-init: it comes alive at a particular point of a virtual machine to accomplish something. How does cloud-init see the world when it starts? How does it want the world to look when it is done - aka "discover the 'cloud-init' way.

In other words: my "questions as I read" are something I hope you will respond to (and not just smoser - if that were my goal I would only chat on IRC). The questions are my 'opinion' at best. I do not know a 'better way'. But I know myself well enough that if I do not write the questions now - while everything is freah or confusing - I'll forget them. Feel free to tell me I am foolish because .... If I feared being called a fool I would not ask questions.

As a technician - I would like to work towards a better, and continually improving, solution. Alone I am just a blind man - and I'll do what I think best - and it will be accepted, or not, into the mainstream.

I would appreciate your wisdom and/or your questions as I firmly believe that the strength of OSS is the communication during development.