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suggestion|idea re: directory organization of 'sysvinit' mechanisms


I see there are several directories related to the "init" phase and mechanism.

Technically it makes little difference, but I believe it is more understandable to someone "new" that the 'init' mechanisms are just that, and 'storing' them as subdirectories of 'init' or INIT shows their degree of 'sameness' or purpose. And then, for project-documentation a README file that describes the purpose/history/status of the init mechanism (e.g., I read that ununtu used to use upstart, but 1.15/1.16 switched to systemd)

Internally, it could also be a good moment to rename the 'component' from ''sysvinit'' to just ''init''. Maybe it could become 'cloudinit.init' at a meta level, and at a lower level becomes cloudinit._init.distro. I am terrible at names - but I do like to have 'like-'things organized in folders.

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