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Re: suggestion|idea re: directory organization of 'sysvinit' mechanisms


On 15/01/2017 16:42, Michael Felt wrote:
I see there are several directories related to the "init" phase and mechanism.

Just wondering whether you would consider anything such as:

renamed: systemd/cloud-init-local.service -> init/systemd/cloud-init-lo cal.service renamed: systemd/cloud-init.service -> init/systemd/cloud-init.service renamed: systemd/cloud-init.target -> init/systemd/cloud-init.target renamed: sysvinit/aix/cloud-config -> init/sysvinit/aix/cloud-config renamed: sysvinit/aix/cloud-final -> init/sysvinit/aix/cloud-final
        renamed:    sysvinit/aix/cloud-init -> init/sysvinit/aix/cloud-init
renamed: sysvinit/aix/cloud-init-local -> init/sysvinit/aix/cloud-init- local

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