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version and release discussion


Hello all,
We had a cloud-init meeting today in #cloud-init.
You can see the whole discussion at

The biggest followup item from the in-person meeting (notes at
https://lists.launchpad.net/cloud-init/msg00094.html) was to discuss
release items such as frequency and version numbers.  'Proposal: Roll over
to 1.0.0'.

In discussion today we agreed with the following plan
 * I pretend that i flipped a coin and it came up in favor of my
   preference (no minor version linked to month)
 * I write to mailing list with that as the plan and suggesting
   the target release date of 17.1 on the 21st of September.
 * I ask for anyone who would *strongly* oppose to say so

We also would shoot for a release every 3 months.  I'd like to suggest
that that be fairly hard-target unless there is basically no changes to

So, if you have some reason to strongly oppose to the above, please do.


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