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Re: Azure Networking Support in cloud-init


On 01/09/2018 06:31 PM, Sushant Sharma (AZURE) wrote:
> Hi cloud-init members,
> We would like to discuss with you our proposal to add a network module in cloud-init to support various networking 
> scenarios in Azure.
> To begin with, we would like to support move of a virtual machine (VM) from one network to another in Azure.
> As such, it will listen for media disconnect/connect (via netlink) and issues a re-DHCP when required (this design is 
> based on how azure moves VM from one network to another).
> Over time, we plan to support more advance networking scenarios in Azure. Please let us know your thoughts before we 
> work on adding the module.

Makes me wonder if we shouldn't leave most of this to udev rules and the
creation of a separate executable that can be called to from udev to
handle generation of ifcfg-XXX rules. Basically the same idea we deploy
in [1]. Or udev could call cloud-init --mode netconfig. The later
approach would still make it easy for people to disbale network
configuration via cloud-init if they care to do so, while that would be
a bit more challenging with the first appraoch. Anyway going down the
path of setting up udev rules may also afford the opportunity to be more

Anyway, I think there is a more general solution in here that can also
provide a good basis for handling multiple network interfaces in a
dynamic way at the same time.


[1] https://github.com/SUSE/Enceladus/tree/master/cloud-netconfig

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