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How to handle platform diferences in cloudinit.net module


moving from https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cloud-init/+question/675536 as per smoser's suggestion

Currently, a lot of net/__init__.py is implemented exclusively for Linux systems which have the `ip` utility.

I'm trying to make this code run on FreeBSD, and short of adding `if`s all over the place, I'm a bit stuck on how exactly to handle this.

Does the call-hierarchy in cloud-init prefer methods / Classes (re)defined in a specific distro file?

scott said:

> As a first-pass answer, I think the goal woudl be really to get stuff into the cloudinit/net/ module that

> then had sane methodds that did the right thing. I do realize that freebsd did/does have lots of "if"s sprinkled throughout.

> I think we would like to better abstract / design this.

given similar uses in other parts of the code, i started with something like this:




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