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Data Source and instance-id behavior issue


Hello all,

So, I'd like to talk about a behavior that's impacting some customers running
RHEL: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1593010

I've been discussing this issue with Ryan Harper and Ryan Mccabe, and all the
possibilities I posted on that bugzilla are basically the result of those

tl;dr: The problem consists in resetting the network configuration to default
whenever the CD image used is removed, hence the data source is removed and a
new instance-id is generated. Besides persisting the configuration after
removing the data source, customers also want it to change whenever a new data
source is plugged in.

1) Passing argument on kernel line is not an option because we can't change
   what's inside customer's vm.

2) Using `manual_cache_clean' is not an option because in this case customer
   will have to manually clean the cache when a new data source is plugged.

I'd like to reach out on this mailing list and hear your opinions before I start
to code a solution for this. Is there any other option left that could comply
with this corner case? Attach data source and persist instance-id until a new data
source is plugged?


Eduardo Otubo

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