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RFC: GitHub Code Review Process


Hello folks,

As you know, the cloud-init project recently moved its code hosting to
GitHub. As part of this migration, we need to define a new code review
process that works with GitHub pull requests, and we are using this
opportunity to improve the code review experience for the project as a

We are codifying our code review process in the cloud-init development
documentation. This is for the core team's reference, but more
importantly to ensure that community contributors understand how we will
work together to land pull requests.

As the most important audience, we would like some input from the
community at large! If you're interested, then please take a look at the
pull request which proposes the change,
https://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/pull/160, and comment there with
any questions, comments, concerns or clarifications.

Our current plan is to land this branch at the end of next week, so
please ensure that you have taken a look before then.


Dan (on behalf of the cloud-init core developers)

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