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Re: Refactoring cloudinit.net (again)



On 12/16/19 4:48 PM, Igor Galić wrote:
Hi folks,

goneri's Pull Request to introduce a [FreeBSD renderer](https://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/pull/61) is also a big inspiration.
I'm currently testing this patch, but it seems to be "write-only" so far.

I tried to change that, and ran into something that seemed eerily familiar: this pull request of mine, from a year ago: https://code.launchpad.net/~i.galic/cloud-init/+git/cloud-init/+merge/358228

So, after taking a year break, and having hopefully learned something, I'd like to get back to this.
Running this by the IRC channel, i got some responses.

OddBloke suggested we could prototype an OOP aproach, by rewriting one of the functions for Linux to be loaded from a class.
The more i thought about this, the more the classes seemed like container; and all methods would just be static.
But it does seem like the easiest way to isolate things in python, so why not?

If you have opinions, i invite you to share them here on the list.
If you have design suggestions; perhaps the best place would be this HackMD Note: https://hackmd.io/3-
YBj1t9TAeKhmfLBQUjXQ (at least until our design gets… better :)

Having whacked at the network implementation for a couple of years now off and on with the latest changes in [1] and still carrying 4 or 5 network related patches in the SUSE package I think that network rendering should be tied to the distro rather than being independent. Obviously the writing of the network config is distro dependent. While RH based distros and SUSE distros both put their configs into /etc/sysconfig the introduction of "flavor" in [1] clearly shows that the very large underlying differences. Further [1] does not address routing setup for SUSE, which is still carried in a patch in the SUSE package.

I would favor a complete refactor, where clouinit.net is mostly dropped and the implementation of the API moves to the distro classes. In the end network rendering needs to know for which distro the config is being rendered. Having to pass that information in creates extra complications IMHO.


[1] https://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/pull/162

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