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Re: [OpenStack][Neutron] Metadata over IPv6


Hi Everyone,

I'm also from OpenStack, just wanted to add an idea and a question.

> > - In what order should cloud-init try ipv6 and ipv4?
> >    - cloud-init would prefer to know which one it should use so we don't timeout on an endpoint that isn't there.
> I would say that it it could be checked what IP addresses are configured in the guest OS already and use correct one if only one type of addresses is there. If there would be both IPv4 and IPv6, it could try IPv4 first as it is like that now. What do You think about such solution?

Alternatively we may delay this decision by adding a new data source
'OpenStackIPv6' and then the cloud image builder can order 'OpenStack'
and 'OpenStackIPv6' in datasource_list as they see fit.

My question relates to the use of link-local addresses as it is also
commented on review.opendev.org. With my limited IPv6 experience, a
URL with a link-local address but without a zone is incomplete, right?
This is incomplete: http://[fe80::a9:fe:a9:fe]/. On the other hand
this is complete: http://[fe80::a9:fe:a9:fe%25eth0]/. At the time of
configuring cloud-init nobody will be able to predict the
guest-internal interface names. Is it okay for cloud-init to take the
incomplete address and discover the interface(s) to be used?

Thank you,
Bence Romsics
rubasov on freenode

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