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CloudStack reset password not working after enabling growpart module


Hi All,


I have started using cloud-init recently so doing lots of things with


One thing I noticed that reset password through cloud stack won't work if I
used root partition resize with growpart module.


I am using cloudstack 4.13 version and cloud-init 18.5.


And I was using custom cloud-set-guest-password script that runs on vm
startup under /etc/init.d/ and gets password from router and set same
password in VM and it was working perfectly fine.


So after adding growpart package in image, if I deploy VM with resize root
partition then growpart ran successfully but password is not working.


As per the logs when script under /etc/init.d/ contacted router to send
password, router send message that password already sent to the VMs.


Anyone have any idea how to run this successfully. Is I am doing anything



Thanks and regards,


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