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initial proposal for process to apply for commit status


During the 2020 Summit, we had a great discussion about defining a process
for developers to earn commit rights to the repository in an effort to
formalize a process and acknowledge long-standing trusted contributors.

I've taken our notes from that meeting and started a discourse post [1]
that defines an initial process and details for this process. I'd like to
ask interested folks to give it a read and please feel free to provide
feedback in the post. I'd appreciate an ack if you feel it's a solid start
so that I can judge the amount of review it's had from the community at

Note that this does ask that existing committers be able to attend a
scheduled meeting to help review and vote to approve a new applicant. For
the moment I've left that a bit "as needed" as I don't have a great idea of
the number of applicants that might come around and would prefer to do
things as needed vs setting up something repeating and regular that's

Thank you all for the great feedback and I look forward to your feedback.

Rick Harding

1: https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/path-to-a-commit-bit-proposal/18770