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Re: Help me!


On 7/7/21 2:28 PM, André Michel Schulz wrote:
Hello everyone, All right? I'm working on creating a software installation
process using the cloud init, but I'm kind of a layman on the subject, in
my tests the following errors are returned: util.py[WARNING]: Failed
loading yaml blob. Invalid format at line 60 column 1: "while scanning for
the next token I'm using a shell script.

You are using a shell script for what?

The error message tells you that cloud-init is expecting YAML and that the file that is being parsed has a syntax error. The YAML parser cannot find a token, i.e. a '-', '--', or ':' that is expected.

More details will be required.

Are you trying to pass user data? Is this built into an image and you want to execute a custom script on first boot?



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