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How to provision networking information in OpenSuse 15.2


Hello all,

I'm trying to use Cloud-Init to provision network configuration on a VM in VMware using OpenSuse 15.2 and Cloud-Init 20.2 (the latest version of cloud-init supported by OpenSuse).  The VM is itself created by Terraform, Terraform passes in the correct VMWare guestinfo variables (guestinfo.metadata, guestinfo.userdata) that contain the base64 encoded cloud-init config info.

First I discovered that network information can only be specified in guestinfo.metadata, and then it turns out that this information must not be specified in yaml, but in json format.  So I specified the JSON information in guestinfo.metadata for the VM.

Problem: no network configuration is carried out in OpenSuse by cloud-init, the IP address for eth0 does not change (it remains set to DHCP).  The guestinfo.userdata config is applied correctly by cloud-init and works fine.

Question: Is there something I'm missing or forgetting to do?

Here are the guestinfo.metadata JSON contents:

  "network-config": {
    "version": 1,
    "config": [

Thanks for any help,

Ravik Tupja
Sen. Software Developer
Windstream Communications

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