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Ubuntu 22.04 - Cloud init and global timeouts


Hey folks,
I am building a small custom image based on 22.04. Its primary use is to be
deployed to troubleshoot network/strange things in Openstack.

We are usually expecting cloud-init to work with the OpenstackDatasource
or the LocalDatasource (config drive) and it works great!

But there are some cases where I know we won't be able to reach
cloudinit/some weird issue with the configdrive CDROM drive with cloud-init.

With a stock cloud-init and a setup where there is no working Datasource, I
see that the overall boot time is around 400+ seconds.

Is there a way to configure global timeout so that

   - If the URL metadata server doesn't respond.
   - If the config-drive is not mounted/not working.
   - Skip the rest of the initialization?

Maybe a middle ground where it can at least try to get the interfaces up?


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