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Fwd: Cloud-init Summit 2023 Location and Timing Poll


Hi all,

    We wanted to reflect this poll out to a broader audience as cloud-init
upstream would like to organize a 2-day developer summit face to face as we
did in years past.  Please help us vote on potential US-based locations and
general timing so we can coordinate with partners and community for an
event in the next calendar year.

Looking forward to seeing you all again soon.

All votes count and will better inform the where and when for the upcoming

Thanks again,
Chad Smith

Previous summit trip reports:

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Cloud-init Summit 2023 Location and Timing Poll
Upstream for cloud-init would like to organize another 2 day physical
cloud-init summit in 2023 in the United States to get a chance to
collaborate more closely with partners and community, solicit feedback on
longer term upstream roadmap items and improve our engagement and
integration with distributions and clouds.

Given a climate of travel and/or funding constraints, we would like to give
a longer lead time for planning a sprint in 2023.

The cloud-init summit provides an opportunity to:

   - hear presentations from partners, community members and upstream
   developers present on use-cases, new features, pain points
   - present and collaborate cloud-init’s upstream roadmap to shape the
   future of cloud-init
   - collaborate more closely with multiple distribution partners, clouds
   and community members
   - share perspectives on improving cloud-init’s utility for specific
   use-cases and gaps
   - retrospect on upstream process and procedures to improve engagement,
   adoption and momentum for contributors and partners

   Please prioritize the preferred time of year for the 2 day event
   1 = least preferred   4 = most preferred
   1 2 3 4 Unable to attend
   Feb - Apr
   May - Jul
   Aug - Oct
   Nov - Jan
   Please prioritize the location for the 2 day event
   1 = least preferred   4 = most preferred
   1 2 3 4 Unable to attend
   Bay Area
   New York City
   Virtual Only
   Proposed alternative destinations (optional)
   Potential Attendees from your organization
   1 2 3 4

   Name (optional)
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