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Cloud-init docs migration from ReadTheDocs community to hosted accounts


Hi cloud-init community,

   A note that we are migrating our documentation from ReadTheDocs(RTD)
community account to a ReadTheDocs hosted/business account. This change
should happen under the hood and old external links should all be
redirected to the RTD hosted account URLs.

All former documentation links to any https://cloudinit.readthedocs.io/
URLs should still be valid, so no changes are needed. The client browser
will see a redirect to a *.readthedocs-hosted.com/ URL instead of

We will be monitoring our traffic to both the readthedocs-hosted and
readthedocs.io accounts to watch for unexpected high volume of 404s in case
of an oversight or misconfiguration. If you find any documentation links
broken or redirects not working, please let us know either on this thread
or by filing a documentation issue in github[1].

Note that we will likely create a simple CNAME for all documentation that
doesn't include readthedocs-hosted in the future to allow for shorter
external doc links.

Many thanks,

[1] File a docs issue: