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Network configuration with 2+ interfaces



I'm running a VM with 2+ interfaces on SLES 15SP3.

Each interface is configured via DHCP.
If I attach any interface as a single connection, the network configuration works as expected including default gateway and DNS.

However, with 2+ interfaces, the default gateway and DNS settings are set randomly.
One can identify first, second and all other interfaces by its name:

In my interpretation ens192 is the first interface.
But default gateway and DNS are always configured from any of the other interfaces.

My understanding is that cloud-init configures all interfaces sequentially.
This is ok, but I must define a priority in order to declare which default gateway and DNS to use. Otherwise a setup with 2+ interfaces and cloud-init will never work reliable.

Can you please advise how to fix this issue?
Is it possible to define a priority for all attached interfaces?