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Issues with IBM PowerVC and cloud-init



I am not sure if this is the correct place for this but I have yet to find a better place so if you know of one, please let me know.

I have been tasked to tackle an issue that a customer is having with a demo of PowerVC running on an IBM P10. I am new to IBM Power Systems, PowerVC, and cloud-init but due to this issue, I feel like I have learned a lot in a short time.

The issue is that we can build a VM from scratch, let's say using RHEL 8.5. We configure cloud-init according to the IBM documentation here: https://www.ibm.com/docs/en/powervc/2.1.0?topic=linux-installing-configuring-cloud-init-rhel#

We then capture the VM to an image and deploy a new VM from that image. During deployment, you can specify a new IP for the deployed VM. The new VM will deploy, but it will not get the new IP information. It will get the new hostname, which tells me that at least it is finding the virtual optical drive on first boot and reading the metadata therein.

I have had a case open with IBM for several weeks now. They have gotten to the point where they are essentially washing their hands of it and saying that it is an issue with cloud-init, and therefore I need to seek support for that.

I am not sure where to start or what you need from me. I attached the files that are on the virtual optical drive used as the datasource on first boot. In some files, I do see the IP that I wanted set as the new one, and I do see the DNS server IP, but I do not see the subnet mask or gateway information, so I am curious where it was supposed to get that if it had worked. Hoping maybe someone can also explain the difference between the ec2 and openstack folder, and all the dated folders within.

Another thing that happens is that I can take a VM and manually configure a static IP on it, but then if I reboot the VM, it will revert back to DHCP. On a rhel 8.5 VM, it seems to simply revert the single interface back to dhcp. On a new rhel 9.2 VM I created yesterday, a reboot added another interface. Existing was env32 and it created "system env32" and made it active while deactivating env32 with the static IP on it. If I delete 'system env32' and reboot, it comes back.

Let me know what additional information you want or need.


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