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Building CoApp code!


1.       Install (to the default path!):

-          Visual Studio 2010

-          Windows DDK  (http://bit.ly/95Bl28)

-          Windows SDK (http://bit.ly/aAKQxp)

-          Bazaar: http://bit.ly/964shL  (contains cli, gui, and tortoise bzr clients)

-          Putty: http://tinyurl.com/2p6sw4 (SSH Client, contains the PAGEANT tool)

2.       Create/Register a SSH public key with Launchpad

3.       Run Pageant, load your private key.

4.       From the command line:

> cd c:\projects                (or wherever you want to checkout the code)
> bzr branch lp:coapp-solution coapp
> cd coapp
> cscript Checkout-Projects.js

The local.props file contains the location of the DDK (C:\WinDDK\7600.16385.1\)
If the path is different, you will need to adjust that value in a text editor.

5.       Open up the coapp.sln project in Visual Studio.
Ctrl-Shift-B to build

Everything builds to the ...\coapp\output\<plat>\<debug|release> \bin directory.
(ie: ...\coapp\output\x86\release\bin\CoApp.exe)

This builds the engine, the managed toolkits and the CLI.
It doesn't really do anything yet, except for parse the command line & print the help.

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