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CoApp (or Outercurve) and Google Summer of Code


I know last year there was an interest for CoApp to apply to Google Summer
of Code but it didn't coalesce into an application. Google just announced
that Summer of Code is returning again this year and I would love for us to
become a mentoring organization. CoApp would receive recognition from the
OSS community as a whole, free student help for the summer and possible
long term committers (and we'd get on Google's OSS radar which is always
good). That said, it would lead to a significant amount of work on the part
of Garrett likely and whoever the actual student mentors are. (I'd be happy
to volunteer as a student mentor.)

Another possibility would be for Outercurve to become a mentoring
organization like the Apache Software Foundation and the Python Software
Foundation. This might lead to fewer students going to CoApp but eliminates
much of Garrett's administrative work, something we all know he'd like to
avoid. :) Outercurve might have a stronger application than CoApp by
itself; I really don't know.

All of this said, it leads me to a few questions that we should probably

1. Should CoApp apply as a mentoring organization for GSoC? Are the
administrative hassles worth it?

2. Should Outercurve apply as a mentoring organization instead? Does the
Outercurve staff has sufficient time to manage the administrative tasks?

3. What projects does CoApp have that would work well for a summer project
for a college student?

Any thoughts on any of this?


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