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SXS question


After reading the 'FearTheCowboy' Faq, I was impressed with the simplicity that 
was applied, as I am a newcomer to this. 
So I signed up for CoApp, not sure of what I can contribute or extract from it. 
 But I now turn to this mailing list in the hopes of an answer to my question.
I have already spent several hours trying to get a Phd in WinSXS, while really 
looking for one and only one question answered.

I ran the same C++/Mfc app on two machines.  An XP and a Win7.  'Depends' (not 
the diaper) gave me different loaded SXS dlls on the different machines.
My app said it uses MFC 21022.8 in it's internal manifest.  I checked it.

So, my question is:
Does the SXS system always go for the highest version number in the SXS list of 
manifests?  Ignoring the application manifest, provided it's lower then what's 

The Win7 machine had a public policy file, but the policy under 21022 said to 
take 20718.0 (and above)  and go to 21022.8
The policy under 30729 said to take  20718.0 (and above) and go to 30729, plus 
take 30201.0 (and above) and go to 30729.1

So, since my app said use 21022 in it's internal manifest, Windows looked under 
30729 to decide what to do...?
If that's the case, it seems like a waste of file searching to me.  Seems the 
21022 Policy file should say to go to 30729, and save time.

Thanks for any feedback.

Scott Weber

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