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Re: [Bug 91784] Re: "Show desktop" is confusing


That behaviour is exactly what Metacity already does, but the state
(pressed/unpressed) is still working, and sane!

The real problem here is that Compiz developers decided they liked the Mac
OS behaviour of revealing the desktop, so implemented it as such, but did it

* We are using a minimise animation even though the windows are really in
some other state. Windows fly off to the edges of the screen on Mac OS and
remain visible, including a very obvious darkened border around the screen.
You KNOW when you are in this state, whereas you tend to forget in Compiz.

* When calling up a new window, the hidden windows stay as such. I am
unclear as to the logic in Mac OS but it really does just seem to work
without getting it wrong.

As a result, myself and I'm sure other people tend to accidentally leave
Compiz in the "show desktop" state whilst actually having many windows open.
I am doing so right now. In fact, I have really just gotten used to clicking
the button twice instead of once every time I want to show the desktop.

I don't know how this has passed so many distros' QA, but it's pretty
embarrassing if you ask me.

The modal behavior of "Show Desktop" is confusing
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