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[Bug 415753] [NEW] Window partly out of a workspace will be moved by some gdk function calls if "Place Windows" is checked in compizconfig


Public bug reported:

Binary package hint: compiz

I'm using Ubuntu 8.10 with extra visual effects, and "Place Windows"
setting is checked in compizconfig setting manager.

I notice top-level window will be moved to other workspace by
gdk_window_show/gdk_window_raise/gdk_window_deiconify if the window is
partly out of the workspace.

If I unchecked "Place Windows" in compizconfig setting manager, the
window will not be moved by above function call.

The description of "Place Windows" is: Place windows at appropriate
positions when mapped. Since the window has been mapped, why move it

The sample code is below. When  GDK_BUTTON_PRESS is received,
gdk_window_show will be called.

Steps to reproduce the bug:
1. move the window partly out of the workspace
2. click it(not titlebar)
bug: the window is moved to another workspace.
#include <gtk/gtk.h>

#include <gdk/gdkwindow.h>

#include <gdk/gdkx.h>

static void my_gdk_event_handler(GdkEvent* event, gpointer data)


  GdkWindow* window = event->any.window;

  if (event->type == GDK_DELETE)

  if (event->type == GDK_BUTTON_PRESS)
        // call something when GDK_BUTTON_PRESS is received


int main(int argc, char* argv[])
    GMainContext* context;
    gdk_init(&argc, &argv);
    context = g_main_context_default();

    // Create the window window

    GdkWindowAttr attr;
    attr.window_type = GDK_WINDOW_TOPLEVEL;
    attr.title = "PlaceWindowTest";
    attr.x = 30;
    attr.y = 30;
    attr.width = 300;
    attr.height = 300;
    attr.wclass = GDK_INPUT_OUTPUT;
    attr.event_mask = GDK_ALL_EVENTS_MASK;
    GdkWindow* window = gdk_window_new(NULL, &attr,
          GDK_WA_X | GDK_WA_Y);
    GdkColor c = { 0, 65535, 65535, 65535 };
    gdk_window_set_background(window, &c);


    gdk_event_handler_set(my_gdk_event_handler, NULL, NULL);

    while (1)
       while (gdk_events_pending())
           g_main_context_iteration( context, TRUE);

       if (GDK_WINDOW_DESTROYED(window))


    return 0;



** Affects: compiz (Ubuntu)
     Importance: Undecided
         Status: New

Window partly out of a workspace will be moved by some gdk function calls if "Place Windows" is checked in compizconfig
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