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[Bug 733603] [NEW] Windows "lost" when switching from mirrored displays and back


Public bug reported:

Binary package hint: compiz

Originally reported as part of LP#732867 (relevant bits re-pasted).

This happens on Lucid 10.4.02 with gnome-control-center version
1:2.30.1-0ubuntu1 and compiz 1:0.8.4-0ubuntu15

For what it's worth, I have reproduced this issue on a Lenovo X200 and
have users internally who can reproduce this issue on a Lenovo X201 and
a T410 on several different types and sizes of external monitor (all
attached via display port -> DVI converters).

- Windows "get lost" when display properties change.

Here's how to reproduce:

- Install Lucid Laptop on an X200
- Attach the laptop to a docking station connected by display port -> dvr to a 24" monitor
- Configure (system -> preferences -> monitor) displays to not be mirrored, show monitors in panel checked, drag the monitor to a different orientation, and increase the resolution in the monitor to something other than what the laptop has.
- Open a web browser, put it in the 24" display.
- Open a terminal and a gnome app (I used gnome mine) in the laptop display.
- Detach the laptop (without suspending) to simulate going to a meeting, etc. Note that you can not reproduce this by simply re-applying the configuration with mirroring on and off.

At this point the first bug (about windows getting messed up) occurs.
Notice that, while the browser window is moved to the laptop display,
the gnome mines and original terminal disappeared. If I open a new
terminal and run ps, I can see they're still running, but they're not on
any of my visible/accessible displays.

- Re-attach the laptop to the docking station

At this point, the second bug is reproduced. The monitor configuration
has reverted to "mirrored displays." When I reset my preferences to what
I want, the original browser window (as well as the preferences window)
moves to the 24" monitor, but my gnome mines are still missing, as well
as the original terminal (the new terminal I opened in the laptop while
detached in order to check for the disappeared window's pids is moved to
the new monitor).

To which I was asked to split into separate issues:

Evan Broder wrote:

"By default, GNOME runs with 4 virtual workspaces. For your first bug, I
suspect that the windows you are "losing" are actually on a different
virtual workspace. Try pressing Ctrl-Alt-Right arrow and see if your
windows are there. Your window manager is responsible for reconfiguring
windows when the monitor layout changes. This is a distinct bug from the
other behavior you described, so it would be helpful if you could split
that issue out to a different bug report. It should be filed against
either the compiz package (if you have visual effects turned on) or the
metacity package (if you have visual effects off)."

I had checked all the virtual desktops to no avail, and I just re-
created the bug again, and still have nothing on the desktops. I will
see if I can take some screenshots to demonstrate this appropriately. I
suspect that something is "remembering" the additional virtual
workspaces that were created when I turned off mirroring. What's odd is
that I can't find it again when I turn mirroring back off.

It is also worth noting that if I log out, and log back in, I get back
to my desired, unmirrored display (or if I reboot and log back in),
though the login screen is still mirrored.

I will attach several screenshots that show the problem.

** Affects: compiz (Ubuntu)
     Importance: Undecided
         Status: New

** Tags: glucid lucid

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  Windows "lost" when switching from mirrored displays and back

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