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[Bug 881975] Re: After login, prompts such as the privilege escalation prompt do not receive focus


I agree about that and I modified this bug report.

What about Workspace switching issue, do you think its related to bug 876333?
Or it requires new bug report?


** Description changed:

  Ubuntu 11.10
  Unity and/or Compiz bug
  I upgraded recently from 11.04
- If I switch from one space to another using only keyboard (Mod+S) ,
- I don't get focus on top window in that space. 
- Now, if I press Alt+Tab to focus on window it will switch me back
- to previous space and focus last focused window there.
- This is very annoying bug, and it force me to search for mouse
- on desk  to get window activated.
- If I switch with Ctrl+Alt+(Left | Right ....) all is fine.
- But often I need to use expo to locate right space.
+ After login, pop up windows such as the password prompt for privilege
+ escalation do not receive focus, causing the user to have to click the
+ window to begin entering their password.
- This is even more frustrating.
- It often happens that I switch windows with Alt+Tab 
- within same space, and previous window will still keep keyboard focus, 
- If I start typing, it affects previous window not top window.
- After login, window asking to  enter key ring password pop ups without
- focus to.
- This issue repeats all around,
- if you don't use mouse so often and rely more on keyboard
-  you will notice that this bug make unity literally useless.
- Otherwise unity is great, and I'm sure it will be top desktop
- interface after getting all details sorted out. 
- I would like if you would consider this bug
- as urgent, I would :-).
+ Steps to reproduce:
+ Reproducible always. 
+ If there is anything that may for example require key ring access and it starts on login
+ like Wireless Network, password prompt window will start without acquiring focus. 
  Thank you,

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  After login, prompts such as the privilege escalation prompt do not
  receive focus

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