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[Bug 949839] [NEW] Windows moves always to be fully in current viewport


Public bug reported:

I've gnome-session-fallback installed and I'm using Gnome Classic
desktop with compiz. After updating from 11.10 to Precise (beta) on
February 22, my Gnome Classic desktop started acting weird. To make sure
that this is not related to any of my custom settings, I created a new
test account with no customizations, just selected the Gnome Classic
session from login screen and was able to reproduce the problem.

I'm using destop wall (it is the default too) and have been used to have
some windows overlapping to two (or more) desktop viewports (screens).
But now, with Precise, when ever I move and place a window so it is
partially offscreen of the currently visible viewport and then switch
focus to some other window (or root window), the partially offscreen
window automatically moves so it is fully in the current viewport,
snapped to the edge that it was crossing.

Ie, if I move window so part of it is crossing the right hand side of
viewport and then focus (either with alt-tab or clicking with mouse)
some other window, the window moves left until its right edge is snapped
to the right edge of the viewport. This happens on all edges of the

In addition to that, if a window has crossed the bottom edge of the
viewport and then snapped back in to view. Now if I try to move such
window to middle of the screen (not touching any edges, nor overlapping
any other windows), it will still snap back to the bottom edge of the
screen when it looses focus. This happens only after the window has
crossed the bottom edge, not with other edges.

Neither of these problems happen when using Unity or Gnome Classic (No
Effects) with metacity.

If I use ccsm to disable compiz "Place Windows" plugin, the problem goes
away, but all new windows are opened in coordinates (0,0), below the top
panel so this is not an usable workaround.

Also, If I disable the "Place Windows" plugin and re-enable it, the
windows that have crossed the bottom edge stop snapping to bottom edge
until they have recrossed it.

I've tested this with updating precise daily since I first noticed the problem and it is still present.
Current versions of compiz related packages are:

ii  compiz                                 1:                   OpenGL window and compositing manager
ii  compiz-core                            1:                   OpenGL window and compositing manager
ii  compiz-gnome                           1:                   OpenGL window and compositing manager - GNOME window decorator
ii  compiz-plugins                         1:                   OpenGL window and compositing manager - plugins
ii  compiz-plugins-default                 1:                   OpenGL window and compositing manager - default plugins
ii  compiz-plugins-main                    1:                     Compiz plugins - main collection
ii  compiz-plugins-main-default            1:                     Compiz plugins - main default collection
ii  compizconfig-backend-gconf                               Compiz Fusion configuration system - gconf backend
ii  compizconfig-settings-manager                            Compiz configuration settings manager
ii  libcompizconfig0                                   Settings library for plugins - OpenCompositing Project
ii  python-compizconfig                                      Compizconfig bindings for python
ii  gnome-session-common                   3.2.1-0ubuntu6                               GNOME Session Manager - common files
ii  gnome-session-fallback                 3.2.1-0ubuntu6                               GNOME Session Manager - GNOME fallback session

** Affects: compiz (Ubuntu)
     Importance: Undecided
         Status: New

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  Windows moves always to be fully in current viewport

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