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[Bug 917210] Re: compiz+unity3d generates > 50 wakeups a second on idle system


This bug was fixed in the package unity - 5.8.0-0ubuntu1

unity (5.8.0-0ubuntu1) precise-proposed; urgency=low

  * New upstream release.
    - New "push mouse offscreen" feature really difficult to get (LP: #923749)
    - unity-2d-panel crashed with SIGSEGV in
      unity::indicator::DBusIndicators::Impl::RequestSyncAll() (LP: #864737)
    - Pressing "Alt+Enter" causes compiz to crash in CompOption::value() from
      unity::UnityScreen::showLauncherKeyTerminate (LP: #960957)
    - SEGSIGV after unplugging external monitor (LP: #962693)
    - Background colorization should use a different heuristic (LP: #865239)
    - compiz+unity3d generates > 50 wakeups a second on idle system
      (LP: #917210)
    - [FFe, UIFe] HUD - The HUD does not respect launcher autohide or icon
      size settings (LP: #921506)
    - clicking on folders in the file lens does not open nautilus
      (LP: #921665)
    - No text inside multirange filters (LP: #927710)
    - can't alt-tab restore minimized uis which have an instance on another
      workspace (LP: #933397)
    - Ubuntu Software Center Unity launcher integration is not working
      (LP: #932280)
    - The line separator between the launcher and the dash is cleared when
      selecting a category (LP: #941082)
    - unity-panel-service crashed with SIGSEGV in g_hash_table_foreach()
      (LP: #937119)
    - Alt-F10 locks up Unity (LP: #948522)
    - multimonitor, launcher: Provide an option to display either a single
      launcher or a launcher on each display in a multi-monitor environment
      (LP: #950136)
    - multimonitor: Please give me a way to turn off sticky monitor edges
      (LP: #946104)
    - Unity 5.6: key bindings (such as Super) don't work on empty workspace or
      on slow/loaded systems (LP: #953089)
    - Alt+arrows keyboard shortcuts don't invoke Back and Forward navigation
      (LP: #953783)
    - HUD is sending 2 menu signals instead of 1 (LP: #956878)
    - 6th item of HUD not fully visible (LP: #957229)
    - HUD: seems to trigger operations more than once (LP: #960503)
    - Launcher gets always desaturated when using HUD on secondary monitor
      (LP: #961169)
    - [5.8 pre staging] launcher is displayed on the left screen, not the
      primary one (LP: #961281)
    - launcher icons do not re-saturate after dash is closed (LP: #961844)
    - Launcher shows arrows for applications on all workspaces (LP: #961977)
    - Dash - Implement overlay scrollbars in Dash (LP: #608124)
    - [UIFe] Dash - No message displayed when no results are returned in the
      Dash (LP: #711199)
    - Dash - "See more..." line should be base-aligned with section header
      (LP: #748101)
    - Dash - Missing category separator line in dash (LP: #850984)
    - Dash and Launcher - As soon as a user starts dragging a file from the
      Dash, there is a 'flicker' before the Launcher icons that are valid drop
      receptacles re-saturate (LP: #863230)
    - Dash - When multiple results have equal string match relevancy ranking,
      those with equal ranking should be then sorted by frequency of use.
      (LP: #871900)
    - Keyboard shortcut - F10 shortcut is used to show menu and this is wrong
      (LP: #878492)
    - Frozen double icon after launching and dragging at once (LP: #918753)
    - HUD is over gtk-menu (LP: #921305)
    - Files missing from Unity's POTFILES.in (LP: #923762)
    - Hidden menus are not really hidden (LP: #926330)
    - Need to bring back a "reveal border" option (LP: #927523)
    - Unity Panel lose shadow on changing the wallpaper (LP: #930271)
    - Incorrect item count in "See x more results" (LP: #934944)
    - Coverity PW.PARAMETER_HIDDEN - CID 10671 (LP: #938890)
    - Coverity PW.CAST_TO_QUALIFIED_TYPE - CID 10670 (LP: #938895)
    - [Shortcut overlay] Hardcoded value for switching ws (LP: #939517)
    - Dash - Font metrics and colors are wrong (LP: #942508)
    - Alt-tab switcher view should be pre-loaded to improve the startup time
      (LP: #942634)
    - Shortcut hint overlay should be hidden by Escape key (LP: #943422)
    - Dash/HUD - Spinner off-centre, looks drunk (LP: #943656)
    - Unable to restart lens which doesn't do global search (LP: #947301)
    - Launcher Switcher (Super+Tab) selection could be changed by arrow keys
      too (LP: #950404)
    - you have to release alt for alt + F10 working (LP: #943223)
    - magnifying glass is being overdrawn by text in searchbar  (LP: #955160)
    - hud searches don't update properly (LP: #956480)
    - Filters not working (LP: #961338)
    - Panel goes solid if switching from hud to dash or vice versa
      (LP: #962720)
    - compiz configuration options for unity are "fixme" (LP: #877382)
    - Launcher - When Launcher already has keyboard focus, Alt-F1 doesn't exit
      focus (LP: #885304)
    - Dash - dash is not closed with alt+f4 (LP: #891818)
    - Dash Home tooltip should use header capitalization (LP: #924354)
    - Typo in string 149: stoped (LP: #931382)
    - unity should not use dconf to store the average background colour
      (LP: #949277)
    - [UIFE] No HUD keybinding in the shortcut overlay (LP: #942515)
    - The hseparator is drawn also for the final dash category (LP: #955296)
  * debian/patches/series:
    - remove the distro patches in trunk right now
  * debian/control:
    - build-dep on latest nux,compiz and libcompizconfig for ABI breakage
 -- Didier Roche <didrocks@xxxxxxxxxx>   Fri, 23 Mar 2012 12:55:51 +0100

** Changed in: unity (Ubuntu)
       Status: Fix Committed => Fix Released

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  compiz+unity3d generates > 50 wakeups a second on idle system

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