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[Bug 1003179] Re: compiz crashes after starting up vnc4server and then unity launcher is not displayed via vnc client


Affecting me too: I am running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Server on a 64bit
machine. Unity 3D does not seem to work with VNC, and this may be
affecting others too:

My configuration: I installed ubuntu-desktop manually, and launch a
single VNC session via xinetd. lightdm is my display manager.

service vnc
    disable     = no
    socket_type = stream
    protocol    = tcp
    wait        = yes
    user        = chanseok
    server      = /usr/bin/Xvnc4
    server_args = -inetd -once -localhost -query localhost -geometry 1280x1024 -depth 16 -PasswordFile /home/chanseok/.vnc/passwd -NeverShared -desktop Ubuntu

No matter which vnc viewer I use (RealVNC or SSL/SSH VNC), the default
Unity (i.e., Unity 3D) session just gives a backdrop (as described in
the above link too) without a launcher or a top menu bar. This useless
state is also quite unstable, and from time to time, various crash
notifications follows, and compiz is the frequent one.

I found a workaround, though not perfect, by choosing unity-2d from the
ligthdm login screen (or, as in the above link, forcing it by giving '--
session=ubuntu-2d'). However, although unity-2d brings up everything and
works almost fine, there are several glitches, and this gives me the
impression that VNC has certain limitations. This may be the reason that
Unity 3D is not working under VNC. The glitches in unity-2d includes:

(1) Launching 'System Settings' -> 'Displays' gives an pop up with an error message "Could not get screen information: RANDR extension is too old (must be at least 1.2)") and crashes. 'xrandr -v' in this unity-2d session returns 'xrandr program version 1.3.5', but 'Server reports RandR version 1.1'.
(2) I must click and hold down the menus of the top menu bar to make it not disappear immediately. For example, to logout, I should click and hold down the power icon located at the topright corner and move the cursor to 'Log out...' and release it.

There are other minor glitches too, but the above are the most annoying
ones. I hope anyone finds this helpful.

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  compiz crashes after starting up vnc4server and then unity launcher is
  not displayed via vnc client

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