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[Bug 682788] Re: Improve Unity menus


@Rachel Greenham: I couldn't agree more with you.  We need to solve one
single issue first: show the global menu all the time, then proceed with
caution for any other options.

Just a few comments/suggestion on the main and secondary issues:

- Showing global menu permanently will hide the title of the window. I'd
suggest it to be shown whenever the mouse goes to the top of the screen
anywhere where there's no menu: for instance, the top-left corner.
Throwing the mouse there will do two things: show the title and position
the mouse over the close-window button. But throwing the mouse to the
top of the screen to the right of the menu (maybe including the
indicators area), will reveal the window title.

Regarding LIMs:

> what to do about important window-title text especially if there's a
no-autohide option

-  A similar aproach to what I suggested above: reveal the window title
whenever the mouse is over non-menu areas (and of course by pushing a
certain key, such as Shift, Ctrl, Alt, etc.)

> what to do when the window gets narrower than the menu...

- Whatever has been done for 20+ years with the classic menu bar in the
window. This is not a new problem.

The problem I can see arising with menus on the title-bar is how to grab
the window for moving it around.

But AGAIN: the primary concern NOW is having the global menu permanently
visible. It's a serious usability issue that needs urgent attention.

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  Improve Unity menus

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