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[Bug 755841]


Forwarding a message from Axel Rohde

Hi Chris,

I just tested the standalone OpenGL compositor fbcompose
from this site

... on a i5-3550, Debian wheezy, xf86-video-intel-2.20.7 using SNA,

By just starting fbcompose without any arguments I got rid of tearing
in non-fullscreen(!) mplayer2, mplayer-vaapi, smplayer2, totem and vlc/rvlc windows. 
The latter three used to tear in fullscreen mode, too.

Since I was too lazy to compile it, I faked the unmet dependency on
libGLEW.so.1.6 by symlinks in /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu 
  ln -s libGLEW.so.1.7.0 libGLEW.so.1.6.0
  ln -s libGLEW.so.1.7.0 libGLEW.so.1.6

This seems to be the home of the project:

Before stumbling across fbcompose I tried Cairo-compmgr and dcompmgr,
both are unusable as they simply screw up the display.

The only side-effect of fbcompose I've spotted so far is
upscaling instead of tiling of the background bitmap.

This workaround can become a valueable comment to 
for all users of "vintage" window managers.


Please note that this is the equivalent of Option "TearFree", with the
extra latency of going through an external process.

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