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Re: [Bug 1436553] Re: Transparent windows render black with Gtk3.16 and compiz


On Tue, Apr 11, 2017 at 11:32 PM, luke <lukefromdc@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I just tested your build, behavior with CSD apps and tiling was
> apparently the same as with the older single-line patch applied, as I
> normally apply it to all my builds. I fired up gnome-disks, and it could
> not be tiled to the edge nor even dragged to the edge with either build.
> For my uses this is OK as I use few CSD apps and never tile them.

Yes, because that branch still need many fixes...

Currently it just adds _GTK_FRAME_EXTENTS and fixes resize rectangle size
for resize and move plugins. Default mode must be changed to outline or
rectangle to test that.

I fired up GtkInspector and may have found the problem, at least in
> gnome-disks. When the application is maximized, the window state comes
> up as "background csd maximized" but when it is tiled only as
> "background csd" meaning theme cannot so easily separate out the tiled
> state. The maximum box-shadow radius controls the gap left when tiling,
> so it appears we have a choice beteeen black corners on all CSD apps and
> gaps between and around them when tiled. Server-side decorated apps tile
> fine, at least in my theme. I'll take the gaps over the black corners or
> forced use of a square-edged theme.

What app? For example I can not tile nautilus window, but it works fine
with gedit (with metacity). That could be reason why style class is
missing. Simply window is not really tiled, it is just resized. Gedit has
tile class with both window managers - compiz & metacity.

I build compiz locally with a fix that works for my use case, and that's
> about all I am hoping for at this point. My theme does support tiling,
> for which I have exactly one use case which does not involve CSD
> windows.
> Fix might be to have compiz put a "tiled" state on all tiled CSD windows
> (if possible), then load a CSS file to force the box shadow to "none"
> when tiled

It is not compiz job...

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  Transparent windows render black with Gtk3.16 and compiz

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