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Re: [Bug 1436553] Re: Transparent windows render black with Gtk3.16 and compiz


App was gnome-disks

On 4/12/2017 at 6:10 AM, "Alberts Muktupāvels" <1436553@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>On Tue, Apr 11, 2017 at 11:32 PM, luke <lukefromdc@xxxxxxxxxxxx> 
>> I just tested your build, behavior with CSD apps and tiling was
>> apparently the same as with the older single-line patch applied, 
>as I
>> normally apply it to all my builds. I fired up gnome-disks, and 
>it could
>> not be tiled to the edge nor even dragged to the edge with 
>either build.
>> For my uses this is OK as I use few CSD apps and never tile them.
>Yes, because that branch still need many fixes...
>Currently it just adds _GTK_FRAME_EXTENTS and fixes resize 
>rectangle size
>for resize and move plugins. Default mode must be changed to 
>outline or
>rectangle to test that.
>I fired up GtkInspector and may have found the problem, at least in
>> gnome-disks. When the application is maximized, the window state 
>> up as "background csd maximized" but when it is tiled only as
>> "background csd" meaning theme cannot so easily separate out the 
>> state. The maximum box-shadow radius controls the gap left when 
>> so it appears we have a choice beteeen black corners on all CSD 
>apps and
>> gaps between and around them when tiled. Server-side decorated 
>apps tile
>> fine, at least in my theme. I'll take the gaps over the black 
>corners or
>> forced use of a square-edged theme.
>What app? For example I can not tile nautilus window, but it works 
>with gedit (with metacity). That could be reason why style class is
>missing. Simply window is not really tiled, it is just resized. 
>Gedit has
>tile class with both window managers - compiz & metacity.
>I build compiz locally with a fix that works for my use case, and 
>> about all I am hoping for at this point. My theme does support 
>> for which I have exactly one use case which does not involve CSD
>> windows.
>> Fix might be to have compiz put a "tiled" state on all tiled CSD 
>> (if possible), then load a CSS file to force the box shadow to 
>> when tiled
>It is not compiz job...
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>the bug
>  Transparent windows render black with Gtk3.16 and compiz
>Status in Compiz:
>  New
>Status in compiz package in Ubuntu:
>  New
>Bug description:
>  Running compiz_1%3a0.9.12.0+15.04.20150202-0ubuntu1 without 
>unity (in
>  mate compiled with gtk-3) and testing Gtk-3.16 I run into serious
>  issues with failures to render certain Gtk Windows transparent.
>  Hardware is AMD FX 8120 with radeon HD 6750 GPU.
>  My theme sets popup windows used by menus transparent, and Gtk
>  application windows with client side decoration (CSD) have
>  transparency underlying the GtkHeaderBar. In the latter case 
>this is
>  what makes rounded corners possible.   The transparent popup 
>  used with my theme to support menus resembling gnome-shell's 
>  in my hacked Gtk3 version of mate-panel work fine with Gtk3.14 
>but due
>  to the window issue get black corners with compiz and Gtk-3.16.
>  Windows drawn transparent with cairo still work, but windows set
>  transparent by GTK usually do not,
>  Changing the window manager to Mutter makes transparency work
>  perfectly. In Gtk-3.14 transparency works in Metacity with 
>  enabled, it does not with gtk-3.16.
>  I am not sure whether this should be considered a compiz bug or 
>a Gtk
>  bug, but since transparency works fine in gnome-shell and mutter 
>  used by shell), I am not sure the GNOME team would consider this 
>a bug
>  they are willing to fix.  If nobody fixes this any GNOME 
>  that forces client side decoration (such as the gtk3-demo or gtk3
>  -widget-factory) will be ugly in Ubuntu unless the client side
>  decorations have square corners.
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  Transparent windows render black with Gtk3.16 and compiz

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