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[Bug 1487148] Re: [MIR] fonts-stix -- to replace xfonts-mathml


> Steve, since when?  If we have teams that weren't on that list
> responsible for packaging, we just added them to that list.  bdmurray
> maintains it I believe.  So the fix should be to add the team to the
> list, eh?

The purpose of requiring a team subscriber for MIRs is to make it clear who, as a team, to escalate problems with the package to.  Having fine-grained subscriptions by teams with only three members (~libreoffice), only two of  
which have upload rights (core-dev) and only one of those who actually works on the libreoffice package, does not serve this purpose.  The answer to a team not being on the m-r report is not to arbitrarily add more teams, but  to understand why there isn't an existing team that is agreeing to take ownership of this package.

It certainly doesn't make sense for ~desktop-packages to be the MIR team
subscriber for libreoffice itself, but then bless ~libreoffice as the
team subscriber for a random font dependency.  Let's get desktop-
packages subscribed to this package, please.

You received this bug notification because you are a member of Desktop
Packages, which is subscribed to libreoffice in Ubuntu.

  [MIR] fonts-stix -- to replace xfonts-mathml

Status in fonts-stix package in Ubuntu:
Status in libreoffice package in Ubuntu:
  Fix Released

Bug description:
  already in xenial

  The libreoffice-common package currently recommends xfonts-mathml, which was removed from Debian in 2014 with the rationale that it is superseded by fonts-stix (and that it has a license problem).  Please replace it with fonts-stix.

  no executable code

  [Quality assurance]
  no executable code

  no further deps needed: see http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/component-mismatches.txt

  [Standards compliance]
  trivial package, maintained by Debian

  no executable code, maintained by Debian, stable/low frequency updates

  [Background information] 
  Since xfonts-mathml is only a Recommends: rather than Depends:, I'm going to go ahead and remove xfonts-mathml from wily.  If for some reason fonts-stix is not a suitable replacement and xfonts-mathml is still needed, please feel free to reupload it to the archive and close this bug.

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