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exclude indicator export where numerator is missing


Another issue from Sierra Leone:

When looking at indicators in pivot tables, even those orgunit/period
combinations with missing numerator is displayed (as 0%). The problem is
that these disturb the totals, as we at the current stage of
incompleteness of data submission would like to estimate the values based
on the data we actually have, not counting those months missing. Let me
illustrate with an example:

For four months, the raw data for a facility would be
4, ,5,5

So one month missing. The output numxfactor from the data mart export for
this percentage indicator would be 400, 0, 500, 500, though the missing
month is most probably NOT zero. We would like it to be excluded from the
data mart export (as is done with raw data export), since unticking
orgunits month by month in the pivot table is a rather long and tedious

I think this is done in the data mart export where the numerator is
factored with the indicator type factor, always returning an integer.
Something like "null"x100=0, while in this case it makes sense to return a
"null" (which leads to not exporting the denominator too). However, this
must be an option, since many countries do not enter zeros but leave those
fields blank. Any thoughts on this?


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